Operability of products

Operability of products

Safety of products

All apparatuses have fully X-ray protective shield and comply with gOrdinance on the Prevention of Ionizing Radiation Hazardsh.
  • Reliable safety administration by key switch operation
    _Power source is not supplied without key
  • Double interlock function
    _X-ray cannot be irradiated while door opens
  • Circuit protector in high voltage transformer
  • X-ray protective shield
    _Three-layer composition (Fe-Pb-Fe)

With above safety systems, X-ray leak level can be kept less than 1sv/h and we can protect the operator and engineer from X-ray exposure.



Related regulations: Ordinance on Prevention of Ionizing Radiation Hazards

Our apparatus has adequate level of X-ray protective systems for safety, so the location area is not controlled by above regulations.
In installation of apparatus, no need the X-ray protective room that is set forth in Article 15 and the qualification of authorized chief X-ray inspection engineer.